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Coming Up (and out) Dykeonic

Art Exhibit on display January 3rd to 31st, 2013

 East Vancouver born and raised artist Ceara Boyer has been painting and drawing since early childhood.

Having spent most of her life studying at the school of hard knocks, artistic expression has become a therapeutic tool through which she works through and articulate powerful emotion.


A dabbler by nature, Ceara's work spans a variety of different mediums, from sketching, to sculpture, to clothing and jewelry design. All the same, her most prominent expressions of choice go back to her roots, painting and drawing and influence from both tattoo and street art culture can be strongly recognized in these particular forms.

She is most inspired by images and experiences of a more poignant and sinister nature. However, there is also a playful, tongue in cheek humor present in much of her expression, specifically that which is concerned with notions of gender and sexuality. As a queer woman, challenging ideas about the two is very important to Ceara, both in her art, and daily life.


Transparency is one of Ceara Boyer's core values and the primary way she endeavors to express who she truly is, unapologetically and unedited, is through her art.


Camas Books and Infoshop is pleased to acknowledge the support of the CRD Arts Development Service in the production of this exhibition series.

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