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Libby Hopkinson - Ghosts of Christmas Past

December's Art Exhibit

Libby Hopkinson is a local cartoonist/illustrator in Victoria, B.C. Her work is primarily pen and ink illustration, and in black and white. She began drawing as a child and was inspired by MAD Magazine and Quentin Blake's illustrations for the popular Roal Dahl novels. Today she has a wide variety of inspirations for her comics, including psychology, Chester Brown, and people watching.

Ghosts of Christmas Past is a collection of work by Libby Hopkinson from her first year of art school. The pieces are a mish mash of her thoughts and struggles of the time. The pieces are memories of humour, anxiety, death, and the life of being a video store employee. The pieces were taken directly from an old sketchbook, untouched for years. They are displayed as a raw honest diary of the ghosts of her past, not to be tampered with or gentrified by the constrictions of embarrassment.

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