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Raven’s Spirit - art by Margaret Briere

Art Exhibit on display May 15 to June 14, 2013


Raven’s Spirit



These images symbolize various aspects of raven’s spirit. If raven appears in your thoughts consistently, and/or by sight, you can pretty much consider yourself having embarked upon the journey of introspection, facing fears of oneself, and basically walking through your own personal underworld. It was known long before colonial contact on Turtle Island that raven could fly between both the spiritual underworld and the physical. Raven is typically known for tricksterism, however there is more to raven than what we are typically taught. These images presented to you represent embracing our dark shadow sides, therefore leading to life’s creation. Through these images, what matters is to embrace what is light in the dark... If you so choose to see it.


Margaret Briere
Wolf Clan, Xenechin, Shishalh territory


Camas Books and Infoshop is pleased to acknowledge the support of the CRD Arts Development Service in the production of this exhibition series.

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