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Two Kinds Of People

Art Exhibit on Display Aug 1st to 31st, 2013


Dorone is a young painter whose portraits are shown here. The face transfixes this artist. It is this kind of shy reverence which forces the artist inward into the paint. It is this kind of artist who deconstructs the paint, the canvas, the brush, and then the figure; he who finds his desire, (the person in mind), in what he looks on, (the paint instead). And thus the paint as paint and figure as figure emerge first, instead of a painting of a figure emerging in blindness. 


Dorone displays two experiments: one of himself and the his imagination of other, and one which is the exploration of a medium. Neither is translation. In translation, one thing is familiar and one imposed. At equal distances are the painting and the figure to the artist. Thus, in a sense, "Two kinds of People" is a statement rejected: There are no people, and no kinds, and no portrait painting - only ways in which we move towards each such thing. Like with all his shows, Dorone asks you to appreciate these as works of practice with which an artist is expected to sustain, (himself - his audience - these ideas), until the next.


Artist's Celebration scheduled for Thursday 29, August 2013, 05:00pm - 08:00pm


Camas Books and Infoshop is pleased to acknowledge the support of the CRD Arts Development Service in the production of this exhibit, one of many in our series called, Healthy Roots for Fertile Futures. crdlogo black

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