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Mission Statement

Camas Books & Infoshop Mission Statement

To promote anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchical activism through the distribution of radical publications and artwork (clothing, crafts, DVD’s, posters, etc.).

To provide a space for groups that agree with our Principles of Unity and Mission Statement to organize and meet in.

To promote critical analysis of and advocate for alternatives to the exploitative practices of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and all other forms of exploitation.

To work cooperatively in association with other anti-authoritarian groups to educate, organize and strengthen our social commitments, both globally and locally.

We do not support political parties or candidates for political office: the Infoshop may not be used for electoral agendas.

We envisage our venue as a powerful tool for social transformation, community building, control over local economies, and the ongoing development of radical alternatives.

We operate non-hierarchically, utilizing consensus and egalitarian methods of organization.


Camas Books & Infoshop Principles of Unity

Our Collective is committed to creating an environment free from harassment, bigotry, and discrimination of all kinds.

The Collective recognizes the sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples throughout the entirety of ‘British Columbia’ and the northwest 'United States.'

The Collective supports a woman’s right to choose and opposes patriarchy and misogyny.

The Collective stands in solidarity with those incarcerated or otherwise shackled by the State and supports the abolition of all prisons.

The Collective supports the self-liberation of all people from poverty and believes that socio-economic equality is integral to this goal.

The Collective does not recognize the authority of a State entity to deem people illegal.

In accord with the values of anti-authoritarianism, the Collective supports the freedom of people to determine their own destinies and opposes imperialist-driven wars.

The Collective is dedicated to overcoming the systemic ecological devastation caused by global industrial capitalism, which is predicated on an exploitative world view with deep roots in Western civilization.

We support the liberation of all people from social discrimination due to age, ability, class, race, gender or sexual preference. We strive to create a space that celebrates and respects diversity.


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