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Tru2U : Love who you want : Love who you are.

Art Exhibit on Display July 1st to 31st, 2013

Opening Night Celebration, Thursday July 18th @ 7pm. Come and soirée with the artists: featuring poetry readings, performance art, and great conversations!

This project is about art that makes a difference in the Arts Community in a way that showcases and honours the faces of pride in the past and present. The exhibit features a variety of portraiture paintings on canvas, felt paintings, sculpture, and poetry. Together, the art presents an educational insight into the workings of present and past LGTBQ&A community and their allies. Thanks to the Victoria College of the Arts for their support, ensuring we would have the means to facilitate the following fantastic workshops:

LGBTQA Bodies and Hearts in motion

Was a interactive day of poetry writing looking into our feelings around our bodies and all its parts. What we love and dis-like about being. Explorative process walked us through creating exquisite corpses, our feelings about our bodies and creating a visual version of our subconscious dialogue with our bodies. prideexhibit2

Faces of Pride

These portraits highlight significant figures, past and present, in the LTGBQ&A community, including people such as Bayard Rustin, Civil Rights activist, Victoria Cruz, Workplace Rights Activist, Ani de Franco singer and songwriter, Dolan Badger, a two-spirited man whose work opened up many opportunities for the LTGBQ&A community in Victoria, plus many, many more. Out of mixed media we created versions of our subconscious self to go along side the monochromatic faces of pride.

Freaky Fibers Hand Felted Fiber art

Went back into the roots of textile making and the creative process embodies with it. By mixing fibers one is able to draw in fiber and finally feel the process of felting it all into a cohesive finished project. With simple tasks put in place piece by piece we can create the whole you see before you.

Opening the blinds: writing into self

Was a deeper look into what is going on within the hearts and minds of our LGBTQ&A youth and exploring the and putting into practice the ability to use writing a form of reflection and expression to breach the tough topics we all face.

Incorporating both drawing, painting sculpture and poetry into a cohesive whole, Tru2U: Love who you want: Love who you are, is an educational project to inspire all persons. Tru2U is the front name for the youth projects facilitated by South island Pride, a Victoria based society hoping to help assist ALL LGBTQ&A persons with the things that all communities need; Acceptance with a educational focus.

Camas Books and Infoshop is pleased to acknowledge the support of the CRD Arts Development Service in the production of this exhibit, one of many in our series called, Healthy Roots for Fertile Futures. crdlogo black

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