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The Great Darkening: "The True Story of Canada’s ‘War’ of Extermination on the Pacific"

The Great Darkening Book CoverTom Swanky's book, The Great Darkening: "The True Story of Canada’s ‘War’ of Extermination on the Pacific" is a must-read text for everyone.

Drawing from ten years of collecting first-hand accounts from the descendants of the smallpox survivors and collating accounts of the epidemics published in newspapers, Swanky tracks the spread of smallpox from Victoria to the traditional territories of the Indigenous peoples whose lands were then claimed for colonial development. 

 (From http://www.shawnswanky.com/the-great-darkening/)

“It begins with the last action of the smallpox period, the hanging of five Tsilhqot’in Chiefs ambushed at a peace conference in 1864. The story then follows the smallpox trail back though the Tsilhqot’in War seeking its origin. It describes the smallpox carnage everywhere, all the while seeking evidence of deliberate disease spreading.

This evidence is massive. It begins with the accounts of survivors and eye-witnesses as handed down in the native tradition. It includes descriptions by participants of their activities and the record of their activities. According to this evidence, the tactics used to spread the disease include the distribution of smallpox-infected blankets, sending smallpox infected individuals into native communities or otherwise bringing diseased people in contact with healthy natives and doctors, under the cover of offering vaccination programs, inoculating individuals with smallpox to begin new epidemics. In communities targeted by using smallpox as a weapon, the death rate was often higher than 90 percent. There is almost no evidence of natives spreading the disease among themselves, community to community.”






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